eCommerce Portal

  • Vizsla Systems is building a new breed of eCommerce software for businesses & customers using various IT solutions. It's a real-time "deal engine" offering robust tools, features & attributes to execute merchandising without compromise. The Company believes that it is developing a user friendly web/mobile platform, providing businesses the flexibility to offer customized & personalized invites to customers looking for their services & products. Our portal InviteDeals is an easy way to get 'value for money' for goods and services, while discovering fun activities & will cover various categories of local businesses, Restaurants, Auto Care, Beauty & Spas, Home improvement, Getaways, Products and a whole lot more.

    Our site will help small businesses invite, retain, increase store traffic/revenue and interact with customers by providing merchants with a suite of products and services, including invite campaigns. Businesses offering services will have the flexibility to offer limited time deals to attract customers with as many different discounts and Invites as they please.

  • Few features of

    - A cool-friendly user-interface enabling customers to get the Best Deals & personalized service from local Businesses.

    - A user-friendly mobile and desktop web interface allowing consumers to easily select the goods & service they need.

    - State-of-the-art technology giving Businesses robust tools, features & attributes to exploit, create & entice consumers to accept their Invitation to visit their establishment on the day & time they choose.

    - Superior geolocation technology giving businesses the ability to reach customers using both business type and consumer location. It's a great tool for banner ads. It's about getting the right products, in front of the right shoppers, at the right time, where they are. At the same time, helps integrate online and offline campaigns at the local level.

    - Last but not the least, customers don't have to use Credit Card for prepayment to get Invites & Businesses don't have to share revenue to Invite shoppers, all discounts go to the customers.

    We believe one of the primary challenges Businesses are facing is the inefficient and limited number of ways they are able to market offers and promotions to their potential customers.
    Existing deal companies typically dictate offer terms & take away a major chunk of their potential profits. InviteDeals provides a cost-effective model for business to grow, easily scale traffic and revenue as an when they need.
    Company plans to cover California cities first and believes it can cost-effectively expand into other cities due to the scalability of the web portal. Company would also tie up with product manufactures to sell Goods and travel packages.