Staffing Services

Let us help you attract the best technology talent on the market.

  • Vizsla Systems provides assistance to augment IT Companies internal resources to find the talent they need. Our comprehensive recruiting and screening process is one of the most robust in the industry including interviews, reference and background checks, soft-skills assessment and technical-proficiency testing.

    Vizsla maintains strict adherence to procedures to monitor the on-going progress of our Consultants on projects. From the time a Consultant is placed on a contract assignment, the Vizsla Account Manager is in direct contact with the client manager and the Consultant to ensure that both their expectations are being met. We have a biweekly Project Status reporting system in place for Consultants to give feedback and updates on the status of his/her project deliverables and can request for any training, support or brain storm on any road blocks they are facing to execute the project within the timeline. This process helps Vizsla to identify the problem areas and have full control on the project and do due diligence. Additionally, it provides Vizsla a way to measure the performance strengths and weaknesses of every Consultant.

Service Gurantee

  • Vizsla guarantees the performance of all Consultants we provide. If client is not completely satisfied with the performance of our Consultants in the first two weeks, we will attempt to replace the Consultant immediately. In addition, we will not charge for the services for up to 10 working days. We offer this guarantee to further demonstrate Vizsla's total commitment to providing unparalleled customer service.

Consultant Qualification

  • Vizsla understands the importance of providing qualified professionals and is committed to thoroughly assessing the qualifications and skills of all Consultants we represent to our clients. The qualification process and assessment criteria are very stringent.

Direct Hire Solutions

  • Focusing on your core competency is your top priority.
    Finding top talent for your business is our core competency.